Tranquillity™ Pro-sleep Massage

An innovative massage acting on three sensory pathways (aroma, sound and touch) for profound relaxation, supporting sleep, helping the mind and body recover from stressful situations, the effects of jetlag, fatigue and those that intensively work or are unable to relax.

The iconic Tranquillity™ blend enhanced by exclusive massage modalities inspired by Ayurveda from Kerala and the Indonesian Sea Malay, a massage handed down from generation to generation for its benefits on the nervous system.

A combination of touch and specifically designed brushes acts on the C-tactile fibres, which are only activated by light and warm touch inducing a state of peace and deep relaxation.

Tranquillity™ music, characterized by calming and repetitive tones and rhythms accompanies the mind in an almost hypnotic way, allowing worries and tensions to be realised by encouraging the brain to deactivate a busy mind, quieting the thoughts for profound relaxation.


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  • Deep state of wellbeing
  • Stress reduction
  • Quiets the mind
  • Deeply relaxing
  • More profound breathing
  • Muscle contractions are eased
  • Improved microcirculation