Bio-Penta® 60 Minute Advance Facial Treatment

Progressive skincare technology at its best.

Bio-Penta facials feature 5 different advanced technologies to effectively address even the most challenging skin conditions. From microsonic deep cleansing to superior controlled exfoliation with hydrodermabrasion, we will take your skin to its highest level of clean, clear, and smooth. Couple this with the power of our specialised microcurrent and ultrasound application with advanced ingredients for instant hydration. Our Bio-Penta customised skin services don’t stop there. We also feature Red, Blue, and combination LED to refine pores, banish bacteria, and boost overall youthful renewal. No matter what your skin concern is we can help.

Each technology can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined.


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  • 5 in 1 technology to address the most challenging skin concerns
  • Hydrodermabrasion
  • Ultrasound, microcurrent & microsonic
  • LED light therapy
  • Deep cleaning
  • Advance product penetration
  • Age management
  • Help even skin tone
  • Helps Pigmentation/post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • Helps Breakouts/clearing
  • Helps decongest skin
  • Helps reduce enlarged pores
  • Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps soothe, calm sensitive skin
  • Helps hydrate
  • Helps brighten dull and lacklustre skin

What do all these technologies do?

Microsonic cleansing is achieved using a blue Azul silver ion-infused patent-pending silicone cleansing brush. Silver ion technology means that the cleaning brush is antimicrobial and antibacterial at all times, proven to cleanse 6-10 times more effectively than your hands.

A specially designed head ensures your therapist can access those challenging areas around the nose and eyes.

Ultrasound, microcurrent & microsonic combined makes for an amazing trio, the combination boast as much as 80% more effective product absorption than manually applied products.

Hydrodermabrasion, the ultimate exfoliation, results in a glowing youthful look.

The unique technology, combined with its superior designed Diamond tip handpiece, allows your skin therapist to perform the most progressive microdermabrasion service in skincare; layered wet/dry hydrodermabrasion. 5 diamond tips to select from and targeted products allow the skin therapist to quickly perform as many as four passes, creating a unique and exact service to meet every client’s objective. The system’s wet/dry microdermabrasion function offers exfoliation, skin smoothing and skin tightening. Hydrodermabrasion differs from standalone microdermabrasion, it has the added benefit of improving circulation and hydrating the skin.

3 colour LED for all skin types.

Forward-thinking LED technology is the talk of the town amongst Hollywood’s A-list. The results are nothing short of amazing. Used by dermatosis’s, plastic surgeons, scientifically proven therapeutic benefits.

Featuring Red light (640nm), Blue light (470nm) and combination light for age management and blemishes, offering smooth and refined skin.

Blue light greatly diminishes the appearance of blemishes, destroys P. acnes bacteria, reduces redness and irritation.

Red light increases collagen production and stimulates cellular energy reduces the appearance of pore size and age management.

Combination light for clearing and age management.

The LED application can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a Bio-Penta® facial.